Square Dancing in Newtown

The Rocking Roosters Square Dance Club was founded over 50 years agoby a group of Congregational Church members with the aid of localcaller Bob Paris. We are a group of friendly people whoenjoy and promote western style square and round dancing.Modern square dancing is a mental and physical challenge. It isdancing, it is thinking, it is teamwork. You can't do it byone's or two's. Moving in rhythm to the music keeps youphysically fit. Reacting quickly to the square dance caller'scalls keeps you mentally on your toes. And your team of eightdancers depends on you to keep those toes moving.

Join the fun!

Come to our Open Houses in September. Click on the Open House link at the left.We begin square dance lessons in the Fall. Classesare generally on Tuesday nights, except during the summer.Stop in, take a look, and join the fun.

Our regular dances are on thefirst and third Fridays of each month, except during the summer,usually at the Emond Town Hall in Newtown, Connecticut. Mostdances are at the Plus level, with an advanced tipat the end.

50th Anniversary

The Rocking Roosters Square Dance Club celebrated their50th anniversary with a special dance at 8 PM on Friday, November 4th, 2011at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, CT. The callers were Bruce McCueof Wethersfield, CT, and Jack O'Leary of Iowa. The round dance cuerwas Sue Lucibello of Guilford, CT. In spite of the weather andpower outages, we had a great turnout, and expect to continue another 50.

We are a Hearing Assist Club

We now have hearing assist equipment for the use of members and guests.We will be transmitting the voice of callers and cuers on the Callerlab recomended frequency of 72.9 MHz. We have a limited number of recievers for trial, but we expect regular users to purchase their own recievers. Please bring your own ear buds or ear phones.

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